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December 2017

We are excited to open and share our newest exhibit, “Rum to the Rescue – Bootleggers & Moonshiners in the 757.” The exhibition portrays an amazing part of early 20th Century American history, and an eye opening perspective of how the era of Prohibition took shape in Hampton Roads. Naturally, a story based in the 757 becomes about the water. In this case, how the labyrinth of waterways in this area offered multiple ways for transportation and distribution of illegal liquor. It’s also about connections to today. Visit your local ABC store and you walk right down the aisle of history, for the post prohibition period shaped the laws and retail structure that serve us daily. The next time you get a cold beer at one of our great local breweries, raise your glass to honor those that evolved the alcohol laws that created the area’s now booming craft beer culture.

We are very excited to kick off our partnership this month with the Building Trades Academy. The BTA is helping us with building a couple of main elements for the new exhibit space. This a student based project, with new apprentices learning the building trades first hand. Thank you to Kempsville Building Materials for stepping up to the plate to provide materials and supplies for the build.

This month also kicks off our Happy Hours. Go deep into your closet, your attic, or get out to the thrift stores, because we have three costumed Happy Hour events this month as part of our Rum to the Rescue exhibition. From the 1920’s Speak Easy on Dec 1, to our 50’s themed Greased Lightning on Dec 8, to our Ugly Holiday Sweater celebration on Dec 15. It’s going to be a fun series of parties and a great way to enjoy our very special museum. I am pleased to announce that Smartmouth Brewing Company will be representing their brand at our events. All of us in Virginia Beach are looking forward to their new oceanfront location opening soon.

December also means we reach out to the community around us in this very special season of giving. Our year end fund raising for 2017 is more important than ever, as the Surf & Rescue Museum prepares to expand it’s beautiful exhibits and offerings for 2018. This Virginia Beach Icon was saved 36 years ago for the purpose of sharing and continuing Virginia Beach history for generations to come. As times and technologies change at an ever increasing speed, it’s vital that we keep our amazing history, and this iconic community space going for generations to come.

Let’s work together to make December a great end to a year that has seen too much anger, too much division. This month, let’s focus on what is most important; people. That’s why we wanted to offer our Happy Hour events these coming Fridays. Let’s come together. Let’s share our friendship. Let’s talk together, dance together, laugh together. Our history always teaches us that pulling together, and supporting each other is what makes the biggest difference.