June 2020

The beginning of June brings Phase II of the Governor’s guidelines for reopening Virginia in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As a small, indoor facility, the museum is not able to open during this time. We are glad to see other businesses betting back to work as our locals and tourists alike visit the out beautiful oceanfront once again.

Being closed doesn’t mean we’re not working. On the contrary. We’ve spent the past two months curating and creating a wide range of virtual tours that all can enjoy.

This month we are so excited to launch our Women in Surf Rescue Exhibit.

We’re reaching out to women lifeguards from all around the world to share their stories and passion for their work as First Responders on the sea. Ocean rescue guards, both past and present, are welcome to participate. If you are/were a guard, or know of a woman to nominate, please reach out! You can email us at thiscoolmuseum@vbsrm.org or just use our website contact form.

Current social distancing guidelines mean we are not able to share our popular Ghost Walks this summer. Instead, we’ve started our Friday Night Frights series, sharing our stories of the unexplained through a series of video programs posted through our website and social media channels. You can already check out Episode 1.

As you can see, although our historic building may not be open yet, #ThisCoolMuseum remains open in many wonderful ways.

Thank you to our members and supporters for helping us through the very difficult time. We’re proud to be creating new projects this month, and looking forward to seeing guests in the galleries again soon.