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January 2018

A very Happy New Year to one and all!

January marks the beginning of our museum renovations! We are so excited to begin the year by working on creating an even bigger, brighter, and better museum experience for our many visitors. The museum will be closed for the short period it takes to finish the work. We plan to be open to visitation again in the Spring. Thanks to continuous, professional maintenance, the historic building is in superb condition. These current renovations are only interior, cosmetic changes. The new coat of interior paint is well deserved and we can’t wait to show off how much nicer the galleries will look with fresh, energy efficient LED lighting.

The de-installation of museum exhibits and early interior preparations have already been completed. Thank you to our great volunteers for helping us get packed and organized. Along with our own group of loyal volunteers, members of both the US Navy and the US Coast Guard pitched in to lend us a hand, or in this case, many hands. Having such great support has made the packing process easy and efficient.

Workers will be in the building shortly and I hope to share photos and updates of how the renovations are coming along. Keep an eye on our social media for “This Cool Museum” updates as the work progresses.

Clearing the space give us the wonderful opportunity to rethink and recreate our beautiful exhibit space. Sometimes we catch ourselves thinking of ourselves as the “little museum”, and remeasuring the galleries has reminded us just how large our floor plan truly is. That has us shifting our graphics programs in top gear. Many people do not realize that we design our exhibits in-house.  Not only is it more cost efficient, the biggest benefit is the exhibits come from our hearts, our imaginations, and from our personal passion for Virginia Beach history. They haven’t been created by a contractor, they have been created by us. Our vision includes offering a more interactive experience. This next generation of exhibits will offer fun ways for you to get directly involved. To make your own history.

Thanks to everyone that attended our first Happy Hours in December. They were a great success and we can’t wait to get them started again in the Spring. That means more costumes, more contests, and great nights ahead with our friends and families. Along with the Happy Hours, we’ll be offering many more exciting ways to get involved with VBSRM, but I have to keep some of those a secret right now. Be sure to follow us on our social media for all the updates! We will have some great videos debuting on our YouTube channel this Winter so please subscribe to stay in touch! We are always on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Hang in there while our doors are closed! It is a genuine privilege to have the chance to polish this beautiful jewel of Virginia Beach. Thank you for your patience and I assure you we are working hard to get the new museum ready for you to enjoy.  Let’s try to stay warm this month and I hope that we’ve seen the last of the snow days!

William Hazel