Name: Alex Higginson

Years of Experience: 2

Location(s): San Clemente, California

2019 – Went through training, worked and received “Rookie of the Year”

2020- Working through beach closures, social distancing, protests, etc.


  • Memorable rescue: Went out on a multiple rescue, grabbed them and pulled them in then saw a gnarly rip flaring up (with about 6 people in it) as I pulled the first group in. I then swam as fast as I could to the rip and put 2 14 year old girls on my buoy (one was coughing up water and crying). I had to calm her down and help her breath for a few minutes so we could make it in. A huge set came through right when I started swimming them in and I had to pull them under wave after wave. After the last wave of the set rolled over us and we popped up, the girl who had been crying grabbed my hand very hard and would not let go. When I brought her all the way to shore I knew that I had saved that girl’s life.
  • Memorable rescue: A 4 year old boy was in the inshore hole. He started to scream and flail. I sprinted down to him and barely even have to get wet. All I did was grab his arm and pull him onto the sand. It was by far the easiest rescue I’ve ever had to make but definitely the scariest.
  • Jumping off the pier with my co-worker, Lauren Amigleo and then bodysurfing on our break. Total girl power.

Images provided by Alex Higginson.