About Abby Lockler

Hello, I am a recent Old Dominion University graduate and the new Fundraising Intern at VBSRM! I love coffee, dislike snakes, and would usually rather be on a sailboat than on land. Long term career goals include starting my own non-profit to combat hunger by promoting sustainability in communities.

#GivingTuesday is One Week Away!

This year the museum is participating in #GivingTuesday on November 27th. Donations will benefit the Internship Program, an important part of our educational programs!  One of the first group of interns to benefit from the newly created program came to the museum in Fall 2017. The following four interns all helped grow the museum [...]

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Get Ready for Giving Tuesday

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. These are dates most of us have marked in our calendars, eagerly counting the days until we can eat that amazing home-cooked meal, or shop those deals we just can’t pass up. The end of November is a time of family, food, and fundraising.  Wait, fundraising? Yes, that’s right. [...]

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The Intern on Instagram

This week, I found a new project! I will be taking over the museum’s Instagram account for the next few days.  I have only ever been on social media for my own personal use, so I am excited to learn more about posting for a museum. My goal will be to promote the Pig [...]

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The Cold Call

My palms are sweaty, my hand shakes as I slowly dial one number, and then another.  Seven painful clicks later I raise the phone to my ear. RIIINNNNGGGGG, pause. RIIINNNNGGGGG, pause. I’m anxiously waiting. Wishing I hadn’t had quite so much caffeine this morning. RIIINNNNGGGGG, pause. Click. “Hello, we’re not available right now.  Please [...]

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Intern Takeover: Abby

Hi! I’m Abby, VBSRM’s Fall 2018 Non-Profit Management and Fundraising intern! I started about a month ago and it has been quite the learning experience for me.  From cold-calling local businesses to sending massive email blasts, I have been thrust into the world of non-profit money raising. Being thrown into the deep end was [...]

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