About Camille Coe

Senior at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. Programs Intern at Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum.

A Summer I Won’t Forget

My time at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum this summer has been a wonderful experience! I have learned so much here and feel like I have grown, both professionally and personally. Even though I was only here a few months, I got to experience many once-in-a-lifetime events. I was able to understand [...]

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Creating Media Mania

My primary focus as an intern this summer was to research and design outreach programs. At the beginning of the summer, I chose from a list of around fifteen programs that the museum had been looking at developing and implementing. We were instructed to choose one or two that seemed interesting and work on [...]

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Best Part of a Small Museum

Small museums are some of my favorite places to visit. Don’t get me wrong, I love almost all museums and historic sites, however large. There is just something special about the smaller museums, something more intimate and personal. The best part of such a museum is the ability to make personal connections - with the [...]

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We’re Not in Roswell Anymore

I am enjoying living in Virginia Beach for the summer a lot more than I thought I would. It's such an exciting, yet laid-back place, and so different from my hometown. I grew up in the suburb of Roswell, about 25 minutes north of Atlanta, Georgia. It's a fairly large area and the influence of [...]

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Advice From a Museum Lover

I have been a museum lover all my life. Walking through the doorsand waiting to see what’s inside, whether it’s my first time there or my 50th, is always a rush. I love all types of museums: small, large, history, science, art. No matter where I am,if I can make it to a museum I [...]

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Virginia Parks are the Place to Be

As a native Georgian, being in Virginia for the whole summer is an exciting and new experience. Virginia Beach is such a fun place to live, and there are a million things to do and see. The beach and boardwalk are always entertaining. As a long-term visitor to this area, I enjoy being in more [...]

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