About Kristin Tremper

I am a PhD Candidate in American History at Lehigh University. For the summer of 2018, I am a Programs Intern at the Virginia Beach Surf & Museum.

Revisiting Memories at the Museum: Creating an Alzheimer’s and Dementia Program

My individual project this summer was to develop a series of events for visitors with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as their caregivers. Through the program, people with memory loss and their caregivers will learn about Virginia Beach and the station’s history, participate in sensory activities and crafts, and spark their own creativity and long-term [...]

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Surprising History: War at the Beach

Throughout my time at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum, I’ve learned an immense amount of information about Virginia Beach’s past, as well as the Life-Saving Service and Coast Guard. I have enjoyed getting to know the people and places that helped shape the Virginia Beach community people experience and love today. For the [...]

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People, Dead and Alive: Being a Ghost Walk Guide

One of my favorite things to do on any vacation is take a ghost tour. I’ve done them lots of places: Williamsburg, Charleston, Boston. To me, as an avowed paranormal skeptic, they provided a fun way to learn local history and stories that aren't shown in museums. Once I started leading them myself, I discovered [...]

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To Believe or Not to Believe

We start each Ghost Walk with the same series of questions: Who here believes in ghosts? Do we have any non-believers? Who is a skeptic? At the beginning of the summer, when my internship at VBSRM began, I was firmly in the non-believer category. Starting a tour I visit historical sites quite frequently [...]

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History of the Everyday: The Importance of Small Museums

Lifeguards. Hotels. Surfboards. Bathing Suits. All parts of daily life in Virginia Beach, and all things that have a long history. One of the best parts of small museums is that they tell the history of the everyday and seemingly ordinary things. A lot of museums center around “big” events—wars, politicians—and “grand” objects—famous artwork, fancy [...]

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Mystery Man in the Stairs

One of my favorite aspects of being an intern so far is the Ghost Walks. Guiding them allows me to have a lot of interaction with guests: I get to help them have fun in the building and learn interesting information about places in Virginia Beach they might have seen or visited. And I love [...]

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