About Raleigh Leavitt

I am a senior attending Virginia Tech and am a summer programs intern at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum! Check out my blogs to learn more about my experience and the museum.

A Local’s Suggestions for Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has a small town feel despite its size and layout. I love living here during the summer because there is so much to do. You can explore Mount Trashmore, come visit our museum, or hit the beach! There are several other historical sites you can visit including the Cape Henry Lighthouse on Fort [...]

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Our Visit to Elmwood Cemetery

Every day at the museum is different! One of the highlights of my internship was something a little different - our visit to Elmwood Cemetery in Norfolk. A cemetery seems like an odd place to take a group of interns, but we had something very special to do. While we have told the story of [...]

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If Time Travel Was Possible

I would travel anywhere and everywhere if time travel were possible. History is fascinating to me because people often don’t realize they’re making it. I also love studying how different societies and cultures experience the same momentous events differently. Envision living in France when movies became popular or Russia when the cellphone was invented. Today, [...]

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Virginia Beach Change Makers

During my time at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum, I’ve gotten to try my hand at an assortment of things. This includes writing blog posts, designing a newsletter, being a Ghost Walk guide, and so much more. As interns, we’ve also each designed our own education program for the museum to implement. [...]

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I’m here for the “Boos”!

Ghost Walks are one of the biggest hits at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum. It’s a great activity for the whole family -  just creepy enough to be fun but not so much that kids will be terrified! I am not necessarily a “ghost person,” so when I was asked during my interview [...]

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A Surprising Past

As a Virginia Beach local, I always knew surfing was a major part of beach culture. It’s unlikely that you will drive around Virginia Beach and not see a car with a surfboard in the back. If you go to the beach you’re bound to see a handful of surfers. As a lifeguard, I interacted [...]

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Tower Breaks

If you have ever walked by our museum, you may have noticed our tower! The tower is one of the most noticeable features of our building and gets a lot of attention from visitors. I love taking a little break up on the tower catwalk, because there is so much to see from it! The [...]

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Changing Spaces

Museums are often thought of as a rigid, serious spaces, but museums are breaking this stereotype all over the country. The Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue museum has taken the initiative to redefine what a museum means. By creating a variety of different activities to reach difference audience, the museum has begun a new era [...]

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The Silly Times

A lot of funny and silly things happen at this museum. From young kids saying funny things, a co-worker making a hilarious joke, and the unknown surprising of ghost walks our days are filled with laughter. Surprisingly, getting all dolled up and wearing beautiful flapper dresses is no longer silly but instead it has become [...]

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Ghost Stories

Ghost stories have always been something I avoided, because I assumed most ghosts were unhappy spirits who enjoyed haunting people. This museum’s Ghost Walks have helped change my opinion. While I truly enjoy telling all the stories, I do have a favorite. Some people’s favorite may be the most thrilling or heart racing story, but [...]

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My Favorite Tourist Questions

Tourists always make me think about this place I call home a little differently. Whether it’s someone seeing the beach for the very first time or someone who’s experienced our area over and over again, each tourist brings something new to my eyes. The most common way they do this is through asking me questions! [...]

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