About Taylor Fuqua

I am from Lynchburg, Virginia and currently live in Norfolk as I finish my undergraduate program at Norfolk State University. I will be graduating in December with a degree in Mass Communications/Journalism.

Neptune Festival 2018

Crowds are making their way to the oceanfront this weekend for the 45th Annual Neptune Festival. This weekend-long event is full of live music, tasty food, and loads of arts and crafts. Not being from the area, I took this as the perfect opportunity to explore the event for myself. It was around 11:15 on [...]

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Enhancing Your Trip With History

When planning vacations, we all like to think about the exciting excursions our destinations offer – whether it’s the beach, an amusement park, dining, concerts, or more. History, on the other hand, is often overlooked. Of course, we can never pass up the perfect opportunity to snap a selfie with historic monuments, or briefly read [...]

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Intern Takeover: Taylor

Hello, my name is Taylor Fuqua. I am in my final semester at Norfolk State University, where I am studying Mass Communications/Journalism. I am an outgoing, fashion loving, spicy food enthusiast who is adamant about being successful in all that I do. I have always been a writer. As a little girl, I would [...]

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