About William Hazel

William Hazel is the Executive Director of the Virginia Beach Surf and Rescue Museum

Community Yoga at the Beach

We just showed up and rolled out our mats. The grassy area sun drenched and filling with an eclectic mix of wellness seekers. A group of strangers, young and old, brought together by one simple idea; Community Yoga. After an hour of practice, we weren't strangers anymore. We lingered together after class had finished. We [...]

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Let’s Run With the Sun

My wife gave me running as a gift. She was a runner in the past, having done the Chicago Marathon, and decided one day to bring a running routine back into her life. She kept inviting me to join her, but my workout experience, and my thinking, was still confined to a very basic routine [...]

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Shop Local

The retail aspect of our non-profit offers an eye-opening snapshot of how our visitors are shopping with their conscience as well as their wallets. The powerful trend of purchasing locally made products reveals that our visitors have a growing desire to use their money in a way that benefits a smaller community. An informed [...]

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Creating A Community Space

Create a community space. That’s our goal. That sounds simple enough. But wait, what makes a great community space? What does that look like, exactly? Perhaps I answer too simplistically, but my definition goes like this; in a vibrant community space, people are talking. My wife and I pop into a great local coffee [...]

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