It’s every parent’s favorite time of the season – back to school! After a long summer of rambunctious children (and teenagers) running around the house, eating all the food, and terrorizing the clean house you were so used to having, it’s time to send them away again.

While this is definitely a bittersweet moment, it’s also a moment that needs to be celebrated. Celebrating, you – the parent, for successfully making it though another summer of juggling work and children and your home and fun. Your children also need to be celebrated: they achieved another grade level, with some moving to a new school campus and some moving far away for college. It’s a new chapter for everyone, across the board, and it needs to be celebrated! Here are four budget-friendly ways to spend your last couple of weeks together before heading back to school.

Spend all day at the Beach

Sure, you can have a full-on beach day during the school year, but once school starts so will clubs, sports, and other extracurriculars. Take one last chance (weather permitting) to lay out in the sun all day without a care in the world. Bring some snacks and pack a lunch. Don’t leave any reason to have to retreat from your relaxing day near the ocean. If you’re feeling extra celebratory, stop in for lunch at one of the many restaurants at the Oceanfront. You have a plethora of options, depending on your mood. There are pizza shops, ice cream stores, seafood buffets and good ol’ burger joints, all along the boardwalk. Close out summer break on a peaceful (and satisfying) note.

Partake in our LAST Summer Happy Hour

We spent part of our summer serving up local brews and pouring bottles of wine. Our summer Happy Hours (every Wednesday) have been a hit. If you haven’t stopped by yet, come enjoy our last Happy Hour of the summer! Wednesday, August 29th from 6 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. We will have our famous Lifeguard Lager available for purchase as well as wine for those who prefer fruity to hoppy flavors. During our Happy Hours the museum is free and open to the public – you just pay for drinks. Bring the whole family, the kids can take photos in our photo booth upstairs while the adults grab a sip of beer or wine. Talk about budget friendly! Bring the family out for one last hoorah and make it an educational one.

Celebrate YOU at the 4th Annual Craft Beer Festival This Weekend

 Kids deserve recognition for making it though the summer and on to the next step in their education, however the biggest praise goes to the parents. Spending all summer working plus trying to maintain their children: it’s not an easy feat. Treat yourself to a fun day filled with lots of food and lots of brews. The event is only 21 years old and up. Leave the kids with a sitter and celebrate making through the summer as well as the beginning of a new school year. The event is held at Neptune Park from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. this Saturday, August 25th. Come out and listen to live music, have a drink or two and stop by a food truck or three.

Bring the Whole Family to the FUN Park on Atlantic Avenue

 Get the kiddos out of the house for a celebratory day of fun. It may sound cliché, but the FUN Park on Atlantic Avenue is the best way to bring an end to summer break. As locals, we are lucky to have a mini-theme park located so close to the beach. Spend an hour or two playing games and riding rides. They have a ride for all ages, so bring the whole family. Afterwards, stop by Dough Boy’s for a slice or two of pizza. Exert all the energy you, and your children, still have at the FUN Park. It’s the best place to enjoy the last little bits of summer break.

You still have a couple weeks left before school starts back. Cherish them. Summer will still be around, but the season is dwindling down. Get all the beach days in that you can and enjoy the sun while it’s still hot. And don’t forget to celebrate the start of a new school year!