Case Statement :  Saving our Stories and Serving our Community

The Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum is a cultural beacon of Virginia Beach residing at 24th Street on the Boardwalk.  We work diligently year-round to fulfill our mission of honoring, celebrating, and preserving Virginia Beach history; thus ensuring that our coastal heritage is never lost or forgotten. 

In an effort to more effectively fulfill our mission, the museum underwent a complete renovation in 2018.  Our building is now home to enlarged exhibit spaces, a new indoor-outdoor gallery in the historic boat-room, and up-to-date technology.  We have successfully transformed into a space better equipped to serve our community and expand our collections and archives.

Our 2020 campaign will ensure that our vision of becoming a center of Virginia Beach culture and community is achieved.  We strive to become a place where a diverse array of people can come together and share in our history, all while promoting and supporting our local community.

The Save Our Stories Campaign can be broken down into three main goals.  The first goal will be to Save our Local Stories. To achieve this, the museum will undertake an Oral History Project.  We will record the voices of our local community, to be preserved for the use and education of future generations.

The second goal of this Campaign will be to open our newly renovated Museum spaces for the use of local community groups and educational programs.  We will continue to flourish as a place for people to gather and discuss ideas, discover new interest, and grow together as a community. 

Lastly, this Campaign will raise the funds necessary to properly grow and maintain the Museum’s collections and archives.  By promoting the further research and preservation of our collection, the Museum can create more engaging exhibits for the enhanced experience of all of our guests. 

With your contribution, we can take our already transformed building and fill it with life and community, creating a place fully dedicated to promoting and preserving Virginia Beach cultural identity.

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