Heroes of Hampton Roads

Intern Takeover! Parks Schmidt shares some thoughts on interning and partnering with the museum with his Heroes of Hampton Roads oral history work. Parks volunteered over 500 hours in his first year with #ThisCoolMuseum! Parks Schmidt & Friend outside of the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum Testing, testing one, two, three... [...]

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Fourth of July History

Today's blog post comes from Parks Schmidt. Parks interns with the museum and has contributed over 500 hours of time in his first year.  Three cheers for the red, white, and blue! The Fourth of July is once again here and with it comes all the hamburgers, fireworks, and hundreds of year old misconceptions. [...]

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Re-Opening the Museum

We are pleased to re-open the #ThisCoolMuseum! Welcome Back! The museum will be open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 10am to 5pm as a first step towards our goal of being open full time. We are planning to add more days to the schedule in July as our staffing and limited resources allow. As [...]

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Small Museums are in Big Trouble

Close the doors of a small museum and bad things happen fast. Close the doors at the sharp end of an expected busy spring season, and bad things happen even faster. Financial dominos, once set so perfectly in circular harmony for spring though summer cash flow, tumble in unstoppable clicks of ruin. We spent [...]

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Rocket-Ships Heather lights up the room. She walks into the space and it becomes naturally brighter. It’s impossible not to notice her confidence. With eyes firm on the horizon, she’s already taking the steps for propelling her promising career in a new direction. In short, Heather knows where she’s going. She hadn’t quite nailed [...]

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