Dresen, Like the Salad

"It's pronounced dress-en, like the salad." Jessica casually puts me at ease during her interview with her simple explanation of how to say her name right. She doesn't know that I've spent the last two weeks interviewing over a dozen candidates for the Assistant Store Manager position. Jessica Dresen established herself as the right [...]

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Committed to Community

The question kept coming up, "What's going to be in this area?" The answer was always the same; People.  This time last year we were laying out plans for the new exhibits while contractors were hard at work on the building renovations. It was a huge task, with more than a dozen new exhibit [...]

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Open New Doors with a Museum Membership!

Have you considered becoming a member at the Surf & Rescue Museum? Now is a fantastic time to establish or renew a membership! Becoming a member is one of the best ways to show your support of our museum's mission to honor, celebrate, and preserve Virginia's coastal history.  Membership is also a wonderful way [...]

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Members- Join us for a Tower Tour!

Join us for an exclusive guided tour in our historic Lookout Tower! Our 1903 building is home to the Lookout Tower- last remodeled in 1933.  The tower was used by Coast Guardsman as they worked diligently to protect the shores of Virginia Beach.  They would stand watch in the tower to keep an eye on [...]

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Holiday Shopping in the Gift Shop: Last Minute Shopping

Christmas is just days away, and many people still haven’t finished their holiday shopping. Shopping during the holidays can be difficult and extremely stressful, especially if you’re tight on money. I happen to be one of those people that wait until the last minute to finish their holiday shopping. I dread going to department [...]

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Holiday Shopping in the Gift Shop: Home Gifts

Do you have someone in your life that loves to throw parties? What about someone who just got married or moved into a new place? If you answered “yes” to either of these, then we have a few great museum gift ideas for them this holiday season. We actually have quite a lot of home [...]

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Internship Reflection

Interning at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum this semester as a Content Creator has been such an amazing opportunity for me. I’ve really had the chance to grow as a writer. Being able to take time to work on my craft while gaining essential skills has been the most rewarding part of [...]

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Experience Culture in Virginia Beach – Cities

They say there’s no place like home. Although I can attest to that, I love that Virginia Beach brings different city styles to the area in its local restaurants, bars, and activities. Considering Hampton Roads is home to many colleges and military bases, the amount of people migrating here from other states is enormous. The [...]

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Experience Culture in Virginia Beach – Military

If you haven’t noticed the heavy military presence in the area, well, that’s impossible. Hampton Roads is home to many Air Force, Marine Corps, Army, and Coast Guard facilities; not to mention, the world’s largest naval station is right in Virginia Beach’s backyard. Being military friendly, the area has its own military culture for veterans, [...]

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Holiday Shopping in the Gift Shop: Kids

Christmas is most kids’ favorite holiday. They get a long break from school, and they get to celebrate with presents. But for many adults, kids can be the hardest to shop for. It’s difficult to keep up with which toys they have, and which are still popular. If you’re still searching for gifts for [...]

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