Museums are often thought of as a rigid, serious spaces, but museums are breaking this stereotype all over the country. The Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue museum has taken the initiative to redefine what a museum means. By creating a variety of different activities to reach difference audience, the museum has begun a new era of sharing the history of lifesaving in Virginia Beach. As an intern, I get a first hand look at how it’s being done while also helping to facilitate this change. 

During the days, I hang out in the gallery and provide personalized tours for our visitors. I truly enjoy interacting with people, so this is a highlight of my week! While knowing the history in the museum is very important, it is also important to create a personal connection with our guest and tailor the tour to them. The personal touch to our tours is a defining factor in a visitor’s experience and demonstrates the museum’s ability to change with the times. 

My favorite thing the museum has done so far is the Happy Hours they host. Happy Hour is two hours a fun where we serve wine and the museum’s very own beer, Lifeguard Lager made by Smartmouth. The lower gallery becomes an event space with fun surf music and Hawaiian attire. The public is invited to come socialize, check out the museum, and learn more about our mission! I love getting to share our local history with guests in a more relaxed and fun atmosphere. It is a very unique event for a museum and highlights the versatility of our galleries.


I also enjoy the sunrise and community yoga the museum offers. Yoga has the ability to bring people and communities together in a way most things cannot. Restaurants, hotels, and museums are using yoga to create a unique experience for their guests, while also highlighting the diversity of their spaces. The beach in front of the museum is a great backdrop for a yoga class. On stormy days, the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum’s calm atmosphere and open space makes it the perfect place to practice yoga.

If you are looking for a new experience or something fun to do, come check out the museum’s events. The museum is always changing! If you want to experience our Happy Hour, stop by on Wednesday nights or if you like ghost, experience our Ghost Walks on Tuesday or Saturday! In this versatile space. You can learn more about your local community, the history of the area, and the importance of lifesaving in Virginia Beach!