We just showed up and rolled out our mats. The grassy area sun drenched and filling with an eclectic mix of wellness seekers. A group of strangers, young and old, brought together by one simple idea; Community Yoga.
After an hour of practice, we weren’t strangers anymore. We lingered together after class had finished. We put money in the donation jar. We shared stories, favorite restaurants, good places to shop. And we got to know the instructor. The steadiness of our tree poses was irrelevant. And it didn’t matter that I still can’t do Crow.
One person says what we are all thinking.

Photo by Stephanie Raaschou, Collective Yoga

“I wish there was more community yoga at the beach.”
From day one of our recent renovation, we wanted to create not just a museum, but a brand new community space for Virginia Beach. Being right on the boardwalk at 24th Street means that tourists and locals alike can share this very special place. A genuine community space that invites us to gather, to start conversations, to open doors for friendship and understanding. With the beach right outside the door, and with a beautiful new interior space to use in case of bad weather, I decided the museum could host Community Yoga.
I’ve practiced Yoga for a decade and can’t imagine my life without it. Whether for a full class, a short stretch, or some quiet minutes of meditation, it’s rare that a day goes by without being on my mat.
Sometimes, the best thing to do with that mat is roll it up, toss it over your shoulder, and journey into the community to practice with others. Whether on the sand, on the grass, in the studio, sharing a practice brings our collective energy together. It brings together our commitment to wellness, to positivity, and a simple celebration of movement and learning.
So there’s more Community Yoga in Virginia Beach now. If you are on vacation, if you are a local, if you practice often, if you’ve never done yoga and want to try it, just show up.
And if you still can’t do crow, just roll your mat out next to mine.