Caribbean culture is an ethnic blend of African, Indian, and Spanish cultures. It can be found on the islands of the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Saint Lucia and so many others. So, what do you do when you’re looking to incorporate a Caribbean flair into your Virginia Beach trip? You take my advice and visit the places I’ll be citing, of course!

Curry is a rich, and sometimes even spicy, powder that can be used to create dishes like curry chicken, curry lamb, curry shrimp, and more. If you can cook it, you can curry it. I consider myself a curry chicken enthusiast. If I had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would be curry chicken with white rice. Yes, it’s that good. While living in Hampton Roads, I’ve had the opportunity to explore different versions of my favorite food at some of the best Caribbean restaurants the area offers.

MP’s Café is a local Caribbean restaurant in Norfolk. It offers a wide variety of amazing Caribbean and soul food dishes. There’s curry chicken, along with other popular dishes such as jerk chicken, beef patties, fried fish, and fried plantains. The restaurant even has its own Caribbean grocery store where you can buy curry powders and other Caribbean spices and sauces to cook with at home. On the weekends, MP’s Café opens their MP’s Ultra Lounge for the ultimate nightlife experience, including live music, happy hour specials, and lots of dancing. MP’s Lounge offers something for the whole family, and they take pride in creating an “Authentic Taste of the Islands.”

Carib Shack in Virginia Beach is another great spot loved by locals. You may remember this Virginia Beach hotspot from “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” on the Food Network. This restaurant has a fun menu that consists of Caribbean-styled burgers, burritos, sandwiches, and their popular “Shack Bowls.” Carib Shack adds a creative twist to their food options, even down to their desserts and shakes. Do I need to reiterate that they were featured on the Food Network? Clearly you should eat here!

A cool event in the area that caters to Caribbean culture is the Caribbean Family Fun Day at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. Held in the summer, this fun festival includes Caribbean food, crafts, and even live reggae bands. The festival lasts all day into the night and is infused with Caribbean culture that creates a fun, educational environment. Caribbean culture is vibrant, it’s fun, and it’s bold. So when visiting Virginia Beach, you’ll want to explore further, especially if you’re looking for a good time.