The first stop on our international tour through the diversity of cultures in Virginia Beach is to explore the Latin heat that beams through the oceanfront streets. The Latin population in Virginia Beach is large, so you aren’t going to travel far without seeing signs for delicious Mexican restaurants, or corner cantinas. Virginia Beach hosts numerous places to fulfill any Latin craving for visitors in the area.

Dine out at some of the best Latin-inspired restaurants in the area, such as Mojito Café on 28th street. Mojito Café showcases the flavors of Puerto Rico and Cuba in this popular fusion restaurant. Enjoy some Pernil y Arroz, a traditional Puerto Rican dish, or some of their popular fish tacos, but don’t leave without having one of their signature Mojitos. Voted Best Cuban Food in Virginia Beach, Mojito Café offers the perfect island experience for each of its guests.

Another restaurant to visit is Side Street Cantina, a local Peruvian-infused Mexican restaurant. Located right off 11th street, Side Street Cantina offers a one of kind Latin experience. This vibrant restaurant is suitable for the whole family. If you’re up to a challenge, the restaurant even offers the “Side Street Cantina Burrito Challenge.” For $40 any brave participant is challenged to eat a 9 -pound steak burrito. Eat it all and the meal is free!

One of the biggest festivals in the area is the annual Latin Fest, held on the beach and boardwalk during the summer. This vibrant festival brings all the famous Calle Ocho street festival vibes right to the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Experience the taste of Central and South America, while listening to the sounds of salsa and merengue bands. This weekend-long event includes Zumba dance events, cultural activities and lots of Latin vendors. This past summer, visitors danced the evening away at concerts that featured Dominican singer Luis Vargas and Nicaraguan singer Luis Enrique.

Feeling confident in your Latin American experience in Virginia Beach? Then you cannot leave the area without testing your salsa skills at Just Dance On – Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio. This dance studio offers lesson in many different types of Latin dance such as Cha-Cha, Rumba, Bolero and Samba. Whether you need individual or group lessons, this Virginia Beach dance studio will take your Latin dance skills to another level!

I’m sure by the time you venture out to at least one of the places I mentioned above, you will highly regret not paying attention in 10th grade Spanish class. Latin America offers such high energy in every aspect of their culture, and Virginia Beach provides the best representation of it.