I think one of the best things about traveling is being able to experience all the different cultures a new area may bring. When I travel, I always make it a priority to try a restaurant or plan an activity that correlates with another cultural. This tradition started on family vacations when I was younger. My family always loved eating at restaurants that were foreign to where we lived, which made for an exciting vacation experience and great memories.

I’ve carried that into adulthood and even encourage my friends to do the same. Whether you eat at a popular Thai restaurant or participate in a local salsa night, each place you travel to will offer a wide variety of culture. To me, that is what traveling is all about. It is an opportunity to experience foods, activities, even music from different cultures and ethnicities.

You may be amazed at all the culture you find in your destinations, and surprised by the things you find that you like. Don’t allow things that may be different from your normal intimidate you out of trying them. Remember it’s okay if you come across things you don’t like at all. Pat yourself on the back for giving yourself the experience and make the effort to try something else.

In Virginia Beach, tourists and locals alike can experience the different ethnicities present in this area. I feel it was important to share the diversity within the Virginia Beach community and encourage visitors to explore it as well. In a time where the things that make us unique are also the things that divide us, it’s important to take the initiative to get to know, experience, and appreciate the differences amongst one another.

My goal is to enhance your Virginia Beach experience with as much culture as possible and leave you inspired to continue experiencing the difference in culture everywhere you go. So you can leave your passports at home because luckily this international experience in Virginia Beach won’t require any special trips through customs.