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We’re ready to welcome you and your students during the 2018-2019 school year!

We have a newly renovated museum, new exhibits, and new education programs for you to enjoy.

Recommended for: Middle School

Cost: $10/student

Virginia Social Studies SOLs: USII.1

Virginia English SOLs: 7.1; 7.3; 8.1; 8.3

This program helps students connect national historic trends with their local community. Students will learn about Virginia Beach’s growth from 1880 to 1970. This includes a tour and primary source analysis.

Then they’ll work in teams to create an advertisement for Virginia Beach during a specific decade. They’ll have digital access to museum resources, including photographs and local popular culture.

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Recommended for: Middle School

Cost: $10/student

Virginia Science SOLs: 6.3; 6.5; 6.6

This program gives students a better understanding of natural disasters that regularly affect their lives. Students will learn more about the differences between hurricanes and nor’easters. This includes a tour and primary source analysis.

Students will explore the damage storms have done to the Virginia Beach oceanfront as well as the protective measures the city has implemented. Then they’ll work in teams to see if they can design and build a structure able to withstand storm force winds.

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Recommended for: Middle School or High School

Cost: $10/student

Virginia Social Studies SOLs: CE.1; CE.10; VUS.1; VUS.10; VUS.13; GOVT.1; GOVT.6

Virginia English SOLs: 6.3; 7.3; 8.3; 9.2; 10.2; 11.2; 12.2

This program encourages students to become smarter media consumers in this age of “fake news.” Students will learn about the choices that go into the production of media, including photographs, movies, and even historical narratives.

This high energy program relies on student participation in activities ranging from improv acting to dancing to friendly competition. They’ll also analyze primary sources from our archives.

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Recommended for: High School

Cost: $10/student

Virginia Social Studies SOLs: VUS.1; GOVT.8;  GOVT.9

This program asks students to investigate how change happens in their local community, past and present. Students will learn about local change makers, as well as what made them effective leaders.

They’ll work in teams to analyze primary sources, think critically, and practice their public speaking skills. After exploring the past, we’ll challenge them to identify and honor change makers at work in today’s Virginia Beach community.

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Recommended for: High School

Virginia SOLs: You Decide!

Want to see your students’ work featured in a museum exhibit? Need a space for them to create advertisements, do volunteer work, learn about retail, or serve as mentors? We’re the space to do that, and much more.

We’re looking for classrooms who want to partner with us in fun, innovative ways. We’re flexible and eager to listen. So bring us your ideas, and we can take it from there.

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School Groups can also choose from our selection of Group Options. Minimums and other restrictions apply.

2018-2019 Middle School Programs Planning Guide

2018-2019 High School Programs Planning Guide