Ghost stories have always been something I avoided, because I assumed most ghosts were unhappy spirits who enjoyed haunting people. This museum’s Ghost Walks have helped change my opinion. While I truly enjoy telling all the stories, I do have a favorite. Some people’s favorite may be the most thrilling or heart racing story, but mine is a pretty tame one. I chose mine because I love studying people and how their surroundings influence them.

The men who served here spent most of their lives watching the beach for any signs of distress. They helped make this area safer. Many people question if all of the past life-savers have left this building. This is where my favorite story comes in! We have all heard stories about ghosts being connected to the people, places, and things that were part of their everyday lives, so it is no surprise that we have reports of life-savers showing up in this building.

Those of you who have visited the museum may have noticed the tower we have. The tower catwalk is one of my favorite places to observe the oceanfront. It used to be the place where life-savers watched for ships and ensured the beach was safe. It still seems to be a hot spot of ghostly activity. 

A few summers ago, a couple came to the museum early in the morning and told William that they had seen a really awesome activity the night before, and wanted to participate. They had seen a man dressed in a rain hat, rain coat, and boots walking around the catwalk of the tower. He had a lantern that swung back and forth. They said he seemed to be watching the water and they wanted to join in! William had to tell them that we do not offer that, but it would be a great thing to do. 

I, like many others, believe the man they saw was John Woodhouse Sparrow. He was one of the longest serving men here and dedicated his entire life to saving other people. Sparrow’s passion for protecting the oceanfront seems to have brought him back to our building. I cannot wait to encounter him myself!