This year the museum is participating in #GivingTuesday on November 27th. Donations will benefit the Internship Program, an important part of our educational programs!  One of the first group of interns to benefit from the newly created program came to the museum in Fall 2017. The following four interns all helped grow the museum in their own unique ways by allowing their passions to shape their internship experiences.

Clarissa.  An Archival Intern, she joined the museum team to expand and sharpen skills such as preservation techniques, organizational methods, and historical research. She’s now in graduate school pursuing her Master’s in Library and Information Sciences with a focus on archives, at the University of Wisconsin.  

Megan. She joined the team as a Publishing Intern after finishing her undergraduate studies.  After spending a semester polishing her editing and publishing skills, she now is pursuing a Master’s in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communications at James Madison University.  

Heather.  After completing her internship as a Education and Exhibits Intern, she graduated from Virginia Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s degree in History. Today she is pursuing a career in the museum field.

Alura.  Her time as a Content Creation Intern turned her into a lover of local history. Since finishing her internship, she has completed her Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications at the University of Florida. She is now pursuing her Master of Arts in Communication Studies at West Virginia University.

These are just four of the brilliant interns who have helped transform the museum. Since then, there have been many other bright and transformative interns who have helped re-imagine different aspects of our building and programs. Each came with a set of skills and used their time as an intern to grow and expand their career goals.  

Only with your support can the museum continue to offer a program that gives as much to its interns as the interns give to the museum. Not only will you be investing in the continued success of the museum, but also in the potential of young professionals growing their passions into careers.