Hello! I am writing today to introduce myself as the new Development Coordinator at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum.  My name is Abby Lockler and I was previously the Nonprofit Management and Fundraising Intern for the museum.  I am excited to be in this new position, helping to grow our historic building into an important place for community.

In the past year, the museum underwent a full building renovation.  Our remodel has allowed us to open our building as more than just a museum.  Looking forward we strive to be a place where all people gather to reconnect to each other, and to what makes Virginia Beach so special.   

We have created a place ready to be filled with community.  Through the next few months, we will be closed to the public from Monday to Friday.  This will allow us to host a variety of community groups such as book clubs, high school committees, and community organizations.  If you have a group that would like to use our space, please contact me! 

We also have many exciting Spring and Summer events in the works.  As always, we are looking forward to hosting our annual Pig & Oyster Fest once again in the Fall.  Throughout the year we hope to be a bustling center of activity for museum members, locals, and guests to Virginia Beach.

We have an exciting future ahead of us, but to be truly successful we need the input of our local community.  I would love to hear any suggestions you have for ways to expand our museum into an inviting place for community to come together.   As the new Development Coordinator, I would value learning more about how I can help to provide a space that is most beneficial to our local society.

Thank you so much for your time, I truly appreciate your interest in helping me to create the best community center possible inside the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum. 


Abby Lockler