Parks Schmidt with Veteran Randy Ferguson

Parks Schmidt loves history. He recently began interviewing Hampton Roads Veterans, gathering their stories and experiences to share with future generations. Knowing that a big part of the museum’s Save Our Stories campaign is about supporting our Oral History Project, Parks reached out to Intern with us on the project.

We are documenting and saving these Veteran’s stories in our Museum space, as well as visiting Vets in their own homes. The interviews are easy and relaxed, and any Veteran can take part in the project. The interviews are done on camera, with the video being archived in the museum’s collection, as well as being shared in an upcoming exhibit. The museum is also creating an online educational channel for teachers and the public to be able to access these histories at no cost. We are looking to gather oral histories from a number of decades, both from combat or from peace time.

Parks Schmidt interviewing Veteran Randy Ferguson

Parks’ Oral History work was recently reported by the Virginian Pilot. He also runs his own Instagram account, where you will also see some of the memorabilia he enjoys collecting. A Sophomore from Cox High School, his commitment to the history of Hampton Roads reminds all of us that anyone in the community, at any age or stage in life, can take steps towards preserving our stories for the future.

Please help!

You can reach out to Parks Schmidt directly via his email

All Veterans living in the Hampton Roads Region are invited to participate.

We look forward to hearing from you. And the museum is excited about our upcoming exhibit and online channel!