Being born and raised in Virginia Beach, I have an undying love for the ocean. Anytime of the year I will go to the beach to clear my head, take a walk, or just enjoy the calming effect the sound of the crashing waves has on me. Since the museum is right on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, we have plenty of beachy items in the gift shop. Whether it is artwork, home décor, or useful items for a beach day, we have something that any beach lover would appreciate receiving as a gift this holiday season.

In the shop we carry so many different kinds of beach décor. Our cool buoy pillows would look great on any couch, and we have so many amazing works of art to decorate your walls or even hang on your doors! A few of my favorite beach decorations are our wooden beach signs. I think any of these three signs would be perfect for anyone who loves the beach.

I also love our jellyfish glass art. I love getting asked by visitors if the jellyfish inside the glass is real or not. It just shows how lifelike the blown glass jellyfish really are. How amazing that someone created something so lifelike out of glass!

For a gift idea, I have come up with a few different gift sets you can buy in the shop! We have these amazing totes that you can use as a gift bag. Just fill one up with whatever you think would be a perfect gift for your loved one! We have cool puzzle treasure maps in a bottle, plenty of beachy cups and mugs, bottle openers, coasters, magnets, soaps, and more!

One gift idea I came up with uses our big coral-print tote bag. I put one of our buoy pillows inside it, along with a bar of soap, a pint glass, deck of cards, one of our seahorse bottle openers, a glass art jellyfish, magnet, survival bracelet, a mermaid wall hanger, and a beach cup caddy. This gift bag with all these items came out to a cost less than $130.

If this price is too high for your budget, have no fear. You do not need to buy all these items to create an amazing gift. We have smaller totes and different beach-themed merchandise throughout the store. You have many options to choose from to fit your budget and gift recipient. So stop by the museum and take a look for yourself! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.