When I’m making my holiday shopping list, I always keep in mind what my loved ones like to do in their spare time. Items that support their favorite hobbies can make great gifts!

My first gift idea comes from my own love of exercising. We have so many cool shirts and hats that would be perfect to wear during a workout. We also have a few totes that you could use as a workout bag, and we even have our own stainless steel water bottles. As a gift set, you could use one of our totes as the gift bag and fill it up with one of our museum shirts, a hat, and a water bottle! This gift doesn’t have to be just for people who like working out, it could be for anyone who would enjoy a new shirt or hat.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love to read. You will typically find me with my Kindle or a book in my purse at all times. At the museum, we have a plethora of non-fiction books. Some of my favorite books here are about ghost tales and haunted places in this beautiful state of Virginia. If you have any loved ones who love to read, especially about fascinating true stories, then we have the books for you! You can create a gift set with these books and one (or a few) of our coffee mugs and our Lifeboat Tea bags. It’s perfect for those who like to sip on something warm while reading.


With these two different gift ideas, you will be sure to make someone in your life a very happy camper. Not only are they original, but these purchases will help support the museum. Check back next week to find out how you can find unique gifts and support local artists in our shop.