Christmas is most kids’ favorite holiday. They get a long break from school, and they get to celebrate with presents. But for many adults, kids can be the hardest to shop for. It’s difficult to keep up with which toys they have, and which are still popular. If you’re still searching for gifts for the kids in your life, the museum’s gift shop has you covered. Whether you need toys for toddlers, or something a teenager might enjoy, we’re sure to have something perfect for your loved one.

Whenever children come into the museum, they run to the toy corner. I always see kids playing with our small Air Whale helicopters. They love winding them back and watching them speed across the floor. The Air Whale helicopters are sturdy enough to hold up under toddler play, and their cockpits open to fit extra toys.

We have other toy helicopters in various sizes. Most are scale models of Coast Guard helicopters. One of them is a large replica of a Black Hawk Rescue Helicopter. I’ve seen kids of all ages asking for that one – from young children begging their parents to men talking to their significant others.

We also carry a few items older kids might like. My niece is eight, and she absolutely loves puzzles. For her birthday this summer, I got her the treasure map puzzle in a bottle, and she loved it! We have other cool puzzles, as well as brainteaser games that any older kid or teenager might enjoy! They are small enough to make perfect stocking stuffers or to accompany a larger gift.

Are you traveling with kids during the holidays? Some of our merchandise can make a great gift and keep them occupied during the trip. We have Interstate Bingo that is sure to keep them entertained for hours in the car. They can also play “Go Fish” or any other fun game with a deck of museum cards. Kids and teenagers can use our binoculars to search for far away things, and we carry an outdoor bandanna game with a map of the star constellations for an activity when it gets dark.

With all the different items we have for kids throughout the gift shop, I’m sure there is something that a child in your life would love. So come by the museum and take a look! Whether it is a small stocking stuffer or a large toy helicopter, we have something for all ages.