It’s that time of year when the holiday parties are rockin’ and the booze is flowin’. In honor of our new exhibit, Rum to the Rescue, we are kicking off December with alcohol, music and costume contests. Join us from 6pm to 9pm on the first three Fridays in December for Happy Hours and costume contests. It’s time to get all dolled-up and get your wiggle on!

The first Happy Hour is dedicated to the 1920’s and Prohibition. Each night we will have a costume contest, and to start off our month of Happy Hours, we are throwing it back to the Gatsby days. Get out your flapper dresses, pearls, pinstriped suits and suspenders, it’s time to get lavish and down some giggle water. If you are stuck on what to wear to a 1920’s Prohibition party, here are some ideas:


  • A dress with sequence or glitter all over (could be knee-length or maxi length).
  • Anything with lace, feathers, or tassels. (Think boas, shift dresses, and headbands).
  • Cloches are the only appropriate hat, and any type of fur stole, bolero or wrap would be a great accessory. Sheer tights or stockings are acceptable in neutral colors.
  • As for hair, you could pull it into a low side-bun. Wave it (do NOT crimp it). If your hair is shoulder-length, curl it and wrap a jeweled headband around your head. Your hair should, essentially, not pass your shoulders and should not be in a high bun or ponytail.

Old Sports

  • Slacks are a must. Suspenders are appropriate, paired with a bowtie or a long tie. Waistcoats are very popular, but not necessary. Do not wear a sport coat without a waistcoat, but you can wear a waistcoat without a sport coat.
  • Try to stick with neutral muted colors; you can have a small amount of pattern if need be.
  • Newsboy hats, felt fedoras, or even a men’s beret cap are all appropriate.
  • Lace-up boots, wingtip two-tone dress shoes and even cap toe shoes will work.

1920s Happy Hour Costume Contest

For the second Friday Happy Hour on December 8th, we will be channeling our inner Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko. Time to do the Mashed Potato and Twist! Grab your poodle skirts and leather jackets, it’s time to rock n’ roll! Here are some pointers when conjuring up costume ideas:


  • For skirts and dresses, think “the bigger the better.” Poufy A-line skirts, circle dresses, rockabilly swing dresses and poodle skirts. The late 50s and early 60s were huge on pattern, so flaunt all the polka dots, stripes and checkered print that you want. Pencil skirts would be appropriate as long as they are near or past the knee. A tight, semi-cropped, cardigan would be the perfect match for the pencil skirt.
  • Gloves and a wide belt would be fabulous additions to your outfit. As for jewelry, a simple pearl necklace would be appropriate with matching earrings; anything extra would be too much.
  • For shoes, think chunky. Mary-Jane style heels would be the perfect match. Not quite as high as a stiletto, but not as short as a kitten heel. Close-toed or peep-toed would be fine. Also try to find something with a t-strap or some type of ankle strap. You can’t go wrong with saddle shoes paired with cute bobbysocks, either.
  • This decade gives you a little more leeway with hairstyle choices. Big curls would be a good choice. Adding accessories to your hair such as, a bandana, bow, or big hair clips would be a nice addition as well.


  • Think all things ‘Greaser’ or ‘Rockabilly.’ Rolled cuffs on dark-washed or black denim. A leather jacket or a denim jacket would be a great choice; make sure to pop the collar on them. A tighter white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled all the way up. If you have a letterman jacket, that would be a fine choice. A short-sleeved button down would suffice. Just tuck it into your jeans and unbutton the top two buttons.
  • The hair, the most important part. Think gel…all the gel you can fathom. It needs to be slicked back. Whether you slick it back on both sides forming a crevice down the back of your head or slick it down all the way to the nape of the neck is up to you. You can also do what is commonly known as the “jelly roll” and finger the front of your hair to twist down the center of your forehead. No matter what, it needs to be slicked back with some type of hair product, preferably gel for that wet, greasy look.

1950s Happy Hour Costume Contest

On December 15th, we’ll be ending our Friday night Happy Hours on a “tacky” note. Come out for our Ugly Sweater Christmas party and costume contest. We will be partying all night long to hits of the 80’s and 90’s in our ugliest, tackiest Christmas attire. While most would understand what it is to be tacky, here are a few ideas if you are coming up short and want to win the costume contest:


  • For this contest, go big or go home. Add glitter, tinsel, garland, bows, and wrapping paper to your outfit. Superglue premade bows all over a skirt for a fun, homemade piece. Wrap garland around your sweater like a Christmas tree. Put a mini wreath around your head like a halo.
  • Don’t forget about the shoes. You can choose to wear normal sneakers, or dress them up with fun printed tape. Add glitter or tinsel to a pair of heels. Wrap up your flats with jingle bells or little ornaments.


  • What about a suit made out of wrapping paper? Dressing up like Santa Clause? Just have a normal ugly sweater to wear? Not a problem, dress it up with a funny hat, or funny pants. Just think, the more the merrier (get it?!).

Ugly Sweater Happy Hour Costume Contest

No matter what Happy Hour party you choose to come to, or even if you come to all three, we guarantee you will have a ball. The booze will be flowing, the music will be bumping. $5 will guarantee your spot at the party and will also get you two beverages. A cash bar will be open for your pleasure, and there will be a costume contest each night. Humphrey Bogart once said, “The problem with the world is that everyone is few drinks behind.” Don’t be the problem, be the solution and come have a drink or two with us on December 1st, 8th, and 15th from 6pm-9pm.