I would travel anywhere and everywhere if time travel were possible. History is fascinating to me because people often don’t realize they’re making it. I also love studying how different societies and cultures experience the same momentous events differently. Envision living in France when movies became popular or Russia when the cellphone was invented. Today, there are so many things happening that will be retold in history textbooks decades from now. Can you imagine having your grandchildren ask about some law that was passed? I’m hoping that by then someone will have invented a way to experience history in a way similar to time travel!

If I had to pick just one era in time to travel to I would pick Ancient Egypt. Now this is a wide time frame but that’s the best part! There are so many amazing things to explore and so many unanswered questions that could be quickly discovered in any century of Ancient Egypt. 

My obsession with pyramids, ancient beauty and medicine, and powerful Egyptian women leaders began at a young age. As a little kid, I loved watching history television shows or reading articles about Egypt. To this day, I still love learning about new discoveries and theories relating to Ancient Egypt. It always surprises me that even though historians have spent decades trying to learn more about Ancient Egypt, there is still so much more to be discovered.

The challenges historians and anthropologists face in deciphering what remains of Ancient Egypt are so complex. They must understand not only an ancient language but also the culture, people, and stories of the time. These different layers add valuable information for research, while also helping to complete the story. If I could time travel and observe why the Ancient Egyptians did certain things and what their daily life was like it would help solve so many mysteries.