Not all of our interns come from traditional museum backgrounds. Some of them don’t even start out liking history. Alura was our Fall 2017 Content Creation Intern. Here’s her story about how an internship with us changed her relationship with the past.

“What is it like to be an intern in at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum? For someone like myself, who didn’t know much about history to begin with, it was a bit daunting. Not only was I completely uninterested in history classes in high school and college, but I hardly knew anything about the foundations of our community. I originally applied to be a Publishing Intern. After interviewing, Kasey suggested that I would be a better fit for content creation. She saw it in me, when I didn’t see it in myself. I accepted the position for a Content Creation Internship with the plan to continually produce content for the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum blog.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on the first day of my internship. I was sent on a scavenger hunt through the museum to find the answers to questions presented on a sheet. The questions were mainly about historical facts that were hidden among information in the exhibits. I was nervous, Would I pass this scavenger hunt? Would I find all the answers? I wasn’t sure. Much to my relief, it was just a warm-up activity to get you familiar with the setting that you will be working in. After the scavenger hunt I sat down at the intern desk and got right to work. I was given a few ideas of blog posts to start working on. The topics dealt with hurricane season: fairly simple. Off I went to the hurricane exhibit to take notes on everything I found to be interesting. I had two blog posts completed in no time.

My next couple of blog posts were free thoughts that I scrounged up by looking around the museum and spending time at each exhibit. I realized that, as long as I knew what I was talking about, there was room for creative thinking, which made this internship position even more fun! The more I walked around the museum, the more comfortable I felt being the voice behind the blog posts. What started out as a seemingly daunting task, turned into a love for history, Hampton Roads, and blogging. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy writing about history as much as I have, but once I saw images and read exhibit information that was tailored specifically to where I live (Virginia Beach), things really started to come to life. Being able to share our history in Hampton Roads in such a fun and understanding way, really made this internship worth it.

For those like me, who weren’t really into history classes in high school or college, I urge you to volunteer or intern at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum. Step out of your comfort zone and experience what really happened in our city. See how everything fits together like a puzzle, talk to visitors, learn their story. Luckily, the people that work at the museum are just as great as the job itself. You will create bonds, share stories and food, and learn a thing or two along the way. Working at a history museum, I’ve experienced it all…except meeting the resident ghost…but maybe that could be your mission when you work at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum.”

Alura is completing her Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication: Media and Society, at the University of Florida. After a break over the spring semester, we’re excited to have Alura back with us as a volunteer! You’ll see her byline on the blog a lot this summer.