Today, museums employ people in a variety of fields, from public history and museum studies to graphic design and communications. Megan joined our team as a Publishing Intern during the Fall 2017 semester. Here’s what she had to say about her time with us.

“I loved my time working as the Publishing Intern with the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum! I got to contribute to a wide variety of projects that let me see exactly what it takes to produce the exhibits and events that make museums so much fun to visit.

Before beginning my internship, I had no clue how much went into running a museum, but I found out pretty quickly that it involves more than research and curation. Just filling out my initial application made me realize that museums need a cast of diversely skilled staff members to bring buildings to life.

Not only did my internship experience allow me to develop my skills in research, but it gave me the opportunity to work on my writing and graphic design skills as well. I got to design templates for several books and edit some of the posts that went on this blog! I also got to design posters for the ‘Rum to the Rescue’ exhibit Happy Hour events. As an aspiring editor, I’m very confident that the background I have gotten through interning at the museum has prepared me well for my future career.

My favorite aspect of being an intern, though, was definitely the work environment. Being a part of a team that is so passionate about learning and enhancing the community made me totally sure of the office atmosphere that I want to be a part of. William and Kasey created such a fun and positive space to work in. That, combined with the resume-building experience I was gaining, made coming in to the office each morning feel less like clocking in to a job and more like going on a field trip every day.”

This fall, Megan will start an MA in Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communications at James Madison University. We’re looking forward to following her success!