This summer, interns bring their expertise in graphic design, history, and videography to our museum team. Camille is an undergraduate anthropology student who has been with us since mid-May. These are her initial thoughts about her role as a Programs Intern.

“Hello, my name is Camille. I am a Programs Intern for the Surf & Rescue Museum this summer. I’m from Georgia, but came up here for the summer to participate in this awesome program. Since this is a smaller museum, I get to have lots of different hands-on experiences – everything from being a Ghost Walk guide to designing new programs.

My favorite part of working here is definitely hosting Ghost Walks. I have always been interested in the paranormal, so working as a Ghost Walk guide is a dream come true. It’s such a rewarding experience, being able to connect with visitors over interesting and creepy stories of Virginia Beach. Since I’m not from here, it has been a great tool to learn about the history of this place and some of the cool local spots. It has also helped me build confidence and become more flexible, since a lot of the job is actually learning how to manage large groups of people while making sure they have a great time.

Another fun aspect of my work is program design. The museum’s staff members have tons of ideas about how to connect with the local community. Many of these are special programs or events they want to bring to life. One project I’m working on independently is creating an interactive tour to help visitors see the museum’s story in a whole new way. I am also working with other interns to create educational activities for Homeschool Days this fall. 

Helping with events is another interesting experience. I have participated in most of the museums activities so far this summer, including the Grand Opening, Happy Hours, and morning runs. I love meeting interesting new people who come to check out our museum, and also becoming acquainted with folks who have known and worked with this museum for many years.

Getting to work behind the scenes and seeing all the work that goes into planning and hosting these events has made me so much more appreciative of the dedication of staff at museums like this one. Even though it can be tough sometimes, and a bit stressful, it’s also a ton of fun. I have never worked in a place with such a lighthearted and warm environment and such supportive coworkers. All in all, I think this will be an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to an awesome summer!”

Camille will be a senior at Kennesaw State University in Georgia this fall. You’ll hear more about her experiences as a Programs Intern as the summer continues. We’re excited to have her as part of our summer team!