Our interns this summer are a group with diverse talents and passions. Here’s a little bit about Raleigh and why she decided to intern with us.

“Hi guys! My name is Raleigh and I am a Programs Intern at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum. Now I’m not a traditional museum intern. I’m double majoring in Public Relations and Religion & Culture, with a history minor at Virginia Tech. My dream is to go to law school, focusing women’s rights.

You might be wondering why I even applied to something so “outside” my wheelhouse. While growing up, we traveled a lot and always made a point to visit local museums. Some of my earliest memories are going to aviation museums all over the country with my dad and grandfather. They would spend the entire day sharing their own stories about the planes featured in different exhibits. It was such a great bonding experience for my family.

Museums are such a unique space where people can learn more about history and share their own experiences. While on the job hunt, this internship opportunity surfaced. I was super excited to see a museum offering an internship I could apply for!

I spent time researching the museum and I found that the mission aligned with my own professional goals and interest. I have a special place in my heart for surf and rescue. As a former ocean front lifeguard, I am extremely passionate about telling the world how important beach safety is and sharing the vivid history it has in Virginia Beach. I also love talking to people, hence the Public Relations degree. I thought this internship would give me a new opportunity to interact with people, while also teaching me more about the place I call home.

Virginia Beach has only been my home for a few years, most of which I have spent away at college. But, it is abundantly clear how passionate the locals are about the beach. The beach has not only shaped the culture here, but also the entire area’s history. Being an ocean front lifeguard taught me how vital the guards are to keeping tourists safe and representing Virginia Beach. I really enjoy sharing the lifesaving history of our area with people and learning even more about it myself.

This internship is so valuable for me because I get experience working with people in a team setting, while creating different programs for the museum. As a PR major, I get to experience first hand what it is like to work with a client and what achieving their goals looks likes. It is vital in the PR field to understand who your client is, what their goals are and how these goals can be related to the public to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. This internship creates opportunities for me to understand how that is done in the real world.”

Raleigh will be a senior at Virginia Tech this fall. You’ll hear more from her throughout the summer. We think she makes a great addition to our summer team!