Hello, my name is Taylor Fuqua. I am in my final semester at Norfolk State University, where I am studying Mass Communications/Journalism. I am an outgoing, fashion loving, spicy food enthusiast who is adamant about being successful in all that I do.

I have always been a writer. As a little girl, I would fill up my family’s desktop computer with stories I had come up with in my head. Writing has always been an outlet where I am able to effortlessly communicate things I may struggle to say in person.

This fall I have taken an amazing opportunity to be a Content Creation Intern for the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum. Through the duration of this internship, I will work to create exciting and engaging blog posts. I’m hoping that the content I create will encourage the community to actively participate in all that the museum offers. I also plan to be hands-on in other areas of the museum’s public relations, which is very exciting.

One of the biggest reasons I chose this internship was because when I sat down to interview, I was asked what exactly I wanted to get out of it. The museum was willing to work with me to ensure I got just that. That alone was enough for me to know I was right where I needed to be. I could have easily been at an internship doing nothing more than filling coffee orders and scanning documents. Instead, I left knowing that through this internship I was going to be able to perfect my craft.

Plus, how many interns can say their office has the perfect view of the beach? Can you say winning!  I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum has provided me, and I look forward to gaining so much in preparation of entering my career field.