It’s hard to believe we’re already in November – meaning our fall interns will soon be wrapping up their time with us. They are wonderful additions to our team, and are all making valuable contributions to the museum.

Hearing their opinions about their internships has invited me to reflect upon my own time as an intern in this building, not too long ago. I worked with the museum’s Oral History Collection, beginning the process of finding out just what was hiding on cassette tapes of interviews conducted in the 1980s.

I recently found a paper I wrote for the internship class I was taking. Here’s what I had to say as an intern in summer 2015.

“The  most  rewarding  aspect  of  my  internship  was  getting  to  listen  to  voices  that  had  been  virtually  silent  for  nearly  30  years.  Through  the tapes,  I  was able  to  hear  about  the  lives  of  individuals  who  died  before  I  was  born,  with their  own  voices. It is  fairly commonplace  to  read  documents  from  these  individuals, but  the act  of  hearing  them  was  absolutely  remarkable  to  me.”

It’s so interesting to look back at how in awe of the experience I was. I find it especially interesting because now, I’m living the life I saw for myself back then. And I’m experiencing that same kind of magic on a regular basis. Working directly with the archive is no longer an anomaly – it’s everyday life.

I hope I’m giving the interns I mentor the opportunity capture a little bit of that magic for themselves, and that they’ll continue to pursue it in the future.