Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities2018-11-08T11:17:22+00:00

Our internship opportunities have closed for the semester. Please check back for future openings.  Contact us with questions or for more information.

“I figured out that a small museum is the place for me.”

Heather Jenkins, Exhibits Intern, Fall 2017

“This internship has motivated me even more to pursue a career in the archives. It has given me the confidence and knowledge that will guide me during the application process for grad school.”

Clarissa Miller, Archival Intern, Fall 2017

“This internship made me realize how precious and powerful our history is. It also deepened my love for writing.”

Alura Romero, Creative Content Intern, Fall 2017

“I loved this internship! I got even more experience in a variety of museum operations and programs than I expected. This internship really stands apart from others because they give interns duties and tasks with responsibility.”

Kristin Tremper, Programs Intern, Summer 2018

“I got to apply skills I’ve learned throughout my training to a business outside of school.”

Brianna Jones, Graphic Design Intern, Summer 2018

“This internship has helped me become more confident and has deepened my love of the public history field.”

Camille Coe, Programs Intern, Summer 2018

“I truly enjoyed working with everyone involved with the museum and this experience has provided me with many new skills.”

Raleigh Leavitt, Programs Intern, Summer 2018

“It was awesome to be a part of a business that was not only super flexible with my professional pursuits but also so helpful!”

Tylar McGill, Video Marketing Intern, Summer 2018