This month, the museum launches our Save Our Stories campaign. It’s a wonderful feeling, after all that hard work renovating the building last year, to begin working on expanding our exhibits and outreach. Our first step, is asking you for help.

Along with raising funds, the Save Our Stories campaign offers three main elements of allowing you, and the community, to have a direct contribution to preserving Virginia Beach history.

Oral History Project

This is where you really do get to share your story. During your visits, during our events, we hear so many wonderful stories from locals, remembering and reminiscing of times spent living in Hampton Roads. Now it’s time to record your memories for future generations.

It’s easy. Reach out to us here, and let us know you are interested. Next, we schedule a time for you to just sit in front of our camera and/or recorder and talk. We’ll help with questions. Just think of it as talking about old times with us, except we’re going to make sure the stories don’t get lost or forgotten. Even the smallest of stories matter, for we are looking to capture what every day life was like in Virginia Beach.

Share Your Photos

They are probably hiding in a box right now. Many of our old photographs are now being lost or thrown away. Again, even the simplest pictures tell a story. Images of you, your family, or Hampton Roads during previous decades are pure gold. You do not have to donate your original photos. Many folks donate copies, or allow us to scan and copy the images. We’ll have them in our collection to share with future generations for many years to come.

Share Some Old Stuff

It’s fun to come across the old magazines, tour guides, coupon books, brochures and the like from days gone by. Even old event T Shirts can make wonderful exhibit pieces. Again, big or small, donating objects will help the museum Save Our Stories.

And it’s that easy. Reach out and get involved in this fun Save Our Stories project that brings our history, our stories, our community together.

Thank You!