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Our 2019 Save Our Stories Campaign is being launched to ensure that our vision of becoming a center of Virginia Beach culture and community is achieved.  We strive to become a place where a diverse array of people can come together and share in our history, all while promoting and supporting our local community.  The financial goal of our 2019 Campaign is to raise $100,000 by January 2020.  With your contribution, we can take our already transformed building and fill it with life and activity, creating a place fully dedicated to promoting and preserving Virginia Beach cultural identity. 

Saving our Stories and Serving our Community!

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Our Campaign Goals:

Enhancing Museum Experience
Saving our Stories
Increasing Community Space
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Our 2018 Transformation

Our 2018 renovations allowed us to completely remodel the inside of our 1903 building.  We now have 2,000 square feet of shiny new gallery space ready to be filled with life and activity.  Our large boat-room door in the lower gallery can open again for the first time in over 40 years, allowing us to create an indoor-outdoor space for our events. Our renovations also allowed us to install up-to-date technology so that we can play more media throughout the museum to enhance the experience of all our visitors.  

Creating a Place Committed to Community

Our Future:

Education Programs
New Opportunities
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