By far the most nerve racking thing about my internship, which probably shouldn’t have been as stressful as I made it out to be, was learning how to put up and take down the American flag. I had never done that prior to interning here. My father was in the military, and we had the flag that he received when his grandad passed away. He was a pilot in World War II, and he and my dad always stressed the importance of never letting the flag touch the ground, ever. Now, I am a relatively clumsy person. Add in the Virginia Beach wind, a flag about the size of myself, a giant pole with two strings, looking into the sun, and a boardwalk full of people who could see me mess up at any moment, and you can imagine I was a little nervous. Not only was I nervous about it touching the ground, I didn’t want to accidentally hang the flag upside down. Luckily neither have happened. I think after the third attempt I have gotten the routine down pretty well.

My favorite thing so far has been the view from the museum. Getting to look at the beach everyday while working is pretty calming and so pretty. You always see some interesting people on the boardwalk, and there have been several events across the street from the museum. It has been neat to see everything going on. In the store, my favorite part has been redesigning the displays with one of the volunteers, Joslyn. It was super fun to use our creativity to make it look nice. We had pretty much free reign to do what we wanted with the display, so we were able to be as creative as we wanted. I personally think it turned out pretty great, even if I moved the same book about 12 times before I found a good spot for it.