This week, I found a new project! I will be taking over the museum’s Instagram account for the next few days.  I have only ever been on social media for my own personal use, so I am excited to learn more about posting for a museum. My goal will be to promote the Pig & Oyster Fest being held on Sunday, November 18th.

I spent most of my first day going through pictures from last year’s event to find ones that would make good posts. I went a little collage crazy and made three in an hour. I probably won’t use them all, but they were fun to make and got my creative juices flowing!

While I was was working on it, I was thinking about what people would have the best reaction to. I think finding material that people can relate to will give me a better chance of grabbing their attention. Everyone loves dogs (or should), so I found the cutest dog pictures from last year to use as a post. Did you know you can bring your own pups to the event?! The event is all-you-can-eat, so I am planning to have one post about all the great food that will be available.  

There will also be a sneak peak post about what will be on the silent auction table. My first post of the takeover was a countdown to the Pig & Oyster Fest.  I used a cool picture that has been featured on the event posters. I think a countdown is a great way to build excitement and anticipation for the event. One of the other things I am most excited about is creating new hashtags for every post. #shouldbefun #needtogetcreative #hashtagsforeverything

As the Non-Profit Management and Fundraising Intern, I wasn’t expecting to gain any social media experience. The best part about the staff at the museum is that they let me take on any challenges I think might be beneficial for the future. They are always open to listening to my ideas, and giving constructive criticism. They are incredibly encouraging, and it is clear that they want me to get the most I possibly can out of my internship. I have gained invaluable experiences from my time so far, and I am excited to continue to take on new challenges with their help!