Pull out your pinstripe suits, flapper dresses, and pearls to enjoy a night full of music, food, and spooky ghost stories. Come enjoy the SpookEasy event on October 27th at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum.

If you’re having trouble figuring out the perfect twenties costume, have no fear! I’ve done my research, even watched a couple Great Gatsby video clips, to come up with some tips to make your 1920’s costume worries a thing of the past (no pun intended).

1920’s fashion was all about getting loose. Your perfect 20’s themed costume should be effortlessly glamorous and easy to pull off. Women in the 1920’s were bold with the dresses they wore. They were trying to make a statement. I’d suggest heading to your local thrift store to explore the racks for anything with fringes, feathers, or heavy beading. Your perfect 20’s themed costume is going to be loud yet glamorous.

Accessories can also make your outfit pop. This may be the perfect opportunity to explore grandma’s closet for cocoon fur coats or fringe wraps. Also search for strands of pearls, hats, headpieces, or other fun additions. Another great place to look is Echoes of Time Costumes & Vintage Clothing, off Witchduck Road right here in Virginia Beach. You’ll find everything you could possibly need to swing into the SpookEasy event looking like you stepped right out of the 1920’s.

For gentlemen, the roaring twenties was a time of classic sophistication. The perfect men’s costume is going to involve suits, Fedora hats, bowties, and maybe even a cane if you’re feeling snazzy. Suit vests, pocket watches, gold chains, and a shiny pair of dress shoes are 1920’s must haves for men as well. Pulling out your Sunday’s best attire, and adding a couple of cool accessories will instantly make your costume the bee’s knees.

So whether you choose to be the daring flapper or the sophisticated Gent, have fun customizing your twenties themed costume to best represent who you may have been if you were living in that time period. The 1920’s was a decade full of a rich culture that was highly expressive from the music to, of course, fashion.

Exploring the history behind the 1920’s will be a true asset when piecing together the perfect themed costume. Really want to get the details right? Check out Vintage Dancer.com, a great vintage fashion blog. And come show off your costume at the SpookEasy on Saturday, October 27th. We’re excited to see you there!