A lot of funny and silly things happen at this museum. From young kids saying funny things, a co-worker making a hilarious joke, and the unknown surprising of ghost walks our days are filled with laughter. Surprisingly, getting all dolled up and wearing beautiful flapper dresses is no longer silly but instead it has become one of my favorite parts of the week! 

Ghost walks have provided me with laughs as well as scares. Maybe I’ll tell you guys about the close encounters I’ve had but for now its just the laughs. One night before our guest arrived, me and the other two programs interns were getting everything set up. We usually put out extra chairs and rearrange some things so our guest have the best possible experience. While we were doing this, something hilarious happened. There are two other interns, one does the amazing graphics and advertising you guys see while the other does the fun videos! As we were finishing setting up, we went back upstairs to make sure everything was in order. 

Now if you have visited us before, you know that we have two rocking chairs up stairs. These rocking chairs are normally empty unless people are taking a break. So as we rounded the corner right before the rocking chairs, I screamed and jumped. This started a chain reaction with the two other girls screaming hysterically. What startled me so bad was Tyler, our video intern. She was sitting in the rocking chair working on a video. We all started laughing hysterically because she had startled us by just sitting. It was so funny because we were all already on edge about encountering ghost later on in the evening. Now every time we see her, she makes fun of us for being scared! The funny moments we share here help make this place feel like home!