If you have ever walked by our museum, you may have noticed our tower! The tower is one of the most noticeable features of our building and gets a lot of attention from visitors. I love taking a little break up on the tower catwalk, because there is so much to see from it! The building can get really cold during the day, so you will often find me taking a “tower break.” Sometimes we even do work up there! 

Tower breaks are a lot more fun because you get to experience the boardwalk without having to walk around! Once upstairs, you take another set of stairs to the tower. There are cut outs of surfmen along the way, but don’t let them scare you! They don’t usually talk back. Once you get to the top, there is a door that lets you out onto the catwalk. It can be a rather sticky door so we really have to push to get it open. Once you step across the threshold, you’re on the catwalk.

The catwalk is the best part because you can feel the wind in your hair, smell the salt air, and see the what’s happening on the boardwalk. I personally love being in the know and knowing what is going on around me, and the tower lets me do just that – with a bird’s eye view! I love going up there with the other interns to talk about the work we’re doing or to discuss the Ghost Walks! If you’re interested in checking out the view from our tower, make sure you become a museum member!