As a native Georgian, being in Virginia for the whole summer is an exciting and new experience. Virginia Beach is such a fun place to live, and there are a million things to do and see. The beach and boardwalk are always entertaining. As a long-term visitor to this area, I enjoy being in more laidback, local places, like parks.

My favorite is called Mount Trashmore. This park is actually a converted landfill, which I think is an amazing idea, and the main part of the park is a giant grass-covered hill. This place is a little away from the beach and has a large open grass area to have a picnic or fly a kite. It also has a large pond with a track around it that makes a great walking or skating trail. If you are there in the evening, the top of the hill is the perfect place to watch the sunset. It also has fun exercise stations that encourage you to get active as you walk around the track, but it’s not very intimidating, which is nice.

I love to spend an afternoon here, relaxing in the shade under a tree. It’s the perfect place to de-stress and read a book or even take a nice nap. This place is full of regular walkers or folks going on their daily jogs. There are also lots of dogs, so it’s a great place to see some cute animals too. It’s a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the beach area and just enjoy a calm day.