Become a Volunteer

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Tour Guide

Tour Guides help visitors connect with our exhibits. This includes:

  • Welcoming visitors
  • Answering questions
  • Offering 10-15 minute “highlight tours”

Foreign Language Volunteer

Foreign Language Volunteers help expand our audience. This includes:

  • Translating posts and signage
  • Producing non-English videos discussing museum topics
  • Offering non-English tours to groups, as needed

Gallery Host

Gallery Hosts help visitors engage with our exhibits. This includes:

  • Welcoming visitors & answering questions
  • Leading in-gallery activities
  • Helping visitors take photos to remember their experiences

Administrative Volunteer

Administrative Volunteers help the museum run smoothly. This includes:

  • Answering visitor questions via telephone
  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Assisting with preparations for special events
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