The mission of the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum is simple; connect our amazing coastal history to the future. We wish to engage our visitors with insightful and interactive exhibits that offer more than a stroll down memory lane. We want our history to teach, to inspire, to create a new dialogue that invites a greater vision of our future, through a stronger understanding of our past.

Surf & Rescue; Surf; the water. Rescue; the heritage. Every day, I am pulled to be by the water. The water calls to us. The water connects us. Connects us to our community, connects us to our commerce, connects us to our history. This beautiful coast where the mighty Atlantic meets the churning Chesapeake Bay, is a particularly powerful place. The water brought the entrepreneurs that built the ports, the ships, the railroads. The water brought the hoteliers, the restaurateurs, and the millions of visitors.

I hope you will accept my open invitation to visit the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum. I invite you to step into this small, historic structure, and prepare to discover a coastal history that is surprisingly expansive.  Through two stories, you’ll embrace how three centuries of people, places and events have now merged. Yes, we are stewards of objects, keepers of history, collectors of the past. Most importantly, we share this history to inspire. To create a vibrant, inclusive, accepting dialogue of how we all should shape our future.

William Hazel – Executive Director