Did you know that the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum is haunted? When I first started working here, I had no idea. I found out from one of my friends when I told her I worked at the museum. I remember her saying, “you know that’s one of the most haunted buildings in Virginia Beach, right?” When she told me that, instead of being scared, I was extremely intrigued. I love hearing ghost stories and watching scary movies, so being able to work in a building that is known for its supernatural history is awesome!

Before you decide that you’d never want to visit a haunted building, I should tell you this building isn’t filled with demons or scary ghosts. The ghosts that hang around the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum are friendly.

I have not seen any ghosts yet, but I have had my own odd encounter. We sell two books that share ghost stories and hauntings in Hampton Roads. Both of them have a chapter about the museum. Right after I read that chapter in Ghosts, Witches, & Weird Tales of Virginia Beach, the music stream cut off and stayed off for 30 minutes. I found this experience to be a little eerie, considering that there was nothing wrong with the Internet when the music stopped playing.

This isn’t the first time spirits in this building have messed with the music selection. William, the museum’s director, told me that one time while he was working in the shop a few years ago, the music turned itself up a little bit. William jokingly said, “if you like the music so much, turn it up some more!” Once he said that the volume of the music went all the way up!

The ghosts in this building also show up in our lookout tower. Visitors have reported seeing someone out on the catwalk. Some people have even felt as if there was someone behind them while walking up the stairs to the tower. I’ve been waiting for the day when I finally see a ghost while I’m working. I think it would be “scary” and amazing all at once.

These are just a few of the stories we have about supernatural activity in this building. On our Ghost Walks we talk more about this haunted building, as well as other local places that are known for supernatural activity. So, if you are interested in hearing more ghost stories, join us for our Ghost Walks this October!