Women from around the world put their lives on the line daily for the lifesaving service. Their bravery and perseverance are seen through their passion for and connection to lifeguarding. It takes a courageous woman to be a lifeguard. Our exhibit shares the stories and experiences of these athletes and lifesavers.

Below you will see images of women from around the world participating in our virtual exhibit. Click on the image to read their stories. 

Lady Life Guards 

[ By Central Film Company ]

Women became lifeguards at Brooklyn Beach. The tone of the film makes it clear that this is quite peculiar and daring. The women stand in ranks and are visually inspected by male supervisors and looked over by the camera many times. 

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B.C’s First Female Lifeguard 

[ By Central Film Company ]

The story of B.C’s first female lifeguard in 1934, she was the first female lifeguard in B.C and her story is gaining a ton of attention. Ashley Burr is speaking to the Grandson of Kay Cather about the hoops she had to jump through to get certified, simply because she was a woman. 

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Amane Solomon

[ First Black Female Lifeguard in Rehoboth Beach ]

Amane Solomon is a lifeguard determined to leave her mark. The twenty-two year old Dover native began working at Rehoboth Beach Patrol six years ago, but she’s still turning heads today. Solomon is the only black female lifeguard in the beach’s history.

Solomon recalls a conversation she had with her grandmother, who told her how drastically Rehoboth Beach has changed through the years. “I remember my grandmother saying that they only had one beach for African Americans and that was a long time ago, but to be here and guard every beach and be a face of African Americans, it’s pretty nice.”

Solomon tells young hopefuls to keep pursuing their goals. “I say never give up on a dream. If you feel like you can do it, just go out and do it. If you start something, you need to finish it, and I feel like thats how everything should be.”


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